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Hahn and Schaffner Complex

Due to the generosity of the New York State Oil Producers Association (NYSOPA) the Pioneer Oil Museum purchased an abandoned six-acre site formerly housing the Hahn & Schaffner Oil Pipe Supply Company, which started operations in Bolivar in 1921. This new parcel of land is currently being developed to provide an additional site for the current museum. The main store building was totally refurbished using two state grants as well as contributions from museum supporters. This location houses several exhibits as well as the NYSOPA 'Wall of Fame'.
Exhibits are in the planning stages while much of this new site is being groomed for outdoor usage. Several old dilapidated buildings will be demolished while others will be refurbished to house some of these new exhibits. This new and additional space will permit museum growth and expansion for many years to come. A multitude of outdoor exhibits will be built to enhance the experience of the museum’s guests.
At this time plans are underway for the renovation of a huge storage building at the site. One of the first exhibits will be a display of several working antique engines that have been donated. These will be housed in this storage building and then vented outdoors so that they might be run for visitors.
Two pipe threading buildings will be renovated and house an actual pipe threading machine and related exhibits. We were able to keep some of the authentic machines to use for display. In the future we may try to hold pipe threading displays and other hands-on displays. Any funding we receive will be used to refurbish these buildings including the installation of some type of historic siding such as hemlock board and batten. Funds may also be used to refurbish the buildings’ interiors.
One of the goals of the museum, in conjunction with development of this new site, is to increase and improve our school-museum connection. We would like to increase the number and frequency of school field trips, as well as increase the educational contacts between the two organizations. We would like this new venue to provide an impetus for renewed interest in the history of the oil and gas industries, as well as the museum, which should lead to more interaction with all of the regional schools

This slideshow at right highlights some of what we have accomplished, plus what we are trying to work on in our next phases.