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Samples of the museum's many photographs

Welcome to the Photo Galleries Page. There are several photo galleries which feature just a few of the many old pictures that the museum owns. Use the image carousel to navigate.

Refinery Gallery

The Allegany Refiners refinery was located on Refinery road about a mile west of Bolivar. It operated from 1934 to 19xx and ceased operations due to blah blah etc. The slideshow has many pictures of the refinery as it was built from start to completion.

People Gallery

This is a collection of photos of people working in the oil fields. Many of these individuals are unknown to the museum staff. Any information about them would greatly be appreciated.

Sites and Scenes Gallery

Views of many landscapes around the Bolivar-Richburg area. Any information which adds to these photos is welcome.

Tools and Devices Gallery

Shown are many of the commonly employed tools and devices that were used in the production of oil, many of which are still used today.