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Allegany Refiners

The refinery was started in May of 1933, ten months after the Tidewater company quit accepting "Black Oil". The new refinery was located just west of the Village of Bolivar on what is now Refinery Road. The refinery was started because the local oil men needed a place to send their "Black Oil". The 900 barrel a day refinery opened up January 6, 1934 employing 20 people. The refinery was officially opened with a parade. The refinery was named "Allegany Refiners". They produced gas, motor oil, kerosene, and other petroleum products. Allegany Refiners also owned their own gathering lines located in Obi, Clarksville, and Nile along with storage tanks and even a few railroad cars that they had leased. Allegany Refiners was sold to Quakerstate in 1945 and closed in 1947. The refinery was closed due to the end of the Shawmut railroad that ran behind the refinery.